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The Perfect Blend
Jasmine Cordova has her life planned out. She’ll graduate from business school, get a job with a big firm, and never ever let Derek Reyes know that she’s had a crush on him her entire adult life. They’re good friends, and she’d never do anything to mess that up.
Derek is happy where he is. He coasts through life working as a barista, and doesn’t think he can ask for more—not from his job, not from his friends, and certainly not from Jasmine. The two of them are clearly not meant for one another, so he’ll continue to think of her as off limits.
When Jasmine blows back into town to manage his coffee shop, Derek is furious at the way she invades his turf, and confused at the way she invades his daydreams. The longer they work together, the less they can deny their attraction. Are they too different from one another to make it work? Or could they be the perfect blend?
This stand-alone novella takes place in the world of The Seven Senses and is a wonderful introduction to the series. The Perfect Blend is a complete story with its own happy ever after. Click here to claim your free copy now!

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