Hello! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Jordan, and I write stories about clever heroines, cinnamon roll heroes, love, laughter, and toe-curling encounters. 

I believe that everyone deserves to live happily ever after.

The Seven Senses series kicks off with The Scent of Happiness, the story of a soapmaker who lives by her intuition crossing with a hard-headed lawyer who lives on facts. When the chemistry between them bubbles over, will it lead heartbreak, or true love?

The series continues with The Sound of Harmony, the story of a singer who has gone silent, and a musician who is losing his hearing. Can they risk it all to make beautiful music together?

Next is Looking for You, the story of a mysterious photographer and the woman who sees right through him. Can he show her what’s in his heart?

The fourth book in the series is The Taste of Dreams. When two chefs battle it out in the kitchen, will the result be a disaster, or will it be delicious?

The fifth book in the series is Love in the Balance. A woman who loves to fly. A man who needs to stay grounded. What will it take to bring their lives into balance?

The sixth book in the series is Playing with Fire. A man with too much fire. A woman frozen in place. Together? Steam.

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