A woman who lives by her senses. A man who lives by logic. Sometimes the chemistry is just right.

Brooke Nesbitt has a genius for fragrances. She infuses her artisan soap with beautiful scents, and follows her nose through life, relying on her intuition to tell her what’s true. The last thing she’s going to do is fall for a hard-headed lawyer, even if he smells like a sultry tropical night.

Theo Chambers has built his legal career on evidence and facts. He doesn’t care about truth. He cares about what he can prove in court. He’s not going to fall for an airhead client, especially one who smells like sunlight and possibilities.

When a rival accuses Brooke of making toxic soap, she needs Theo’s help to clear her name. Theo wants to win this case as quickly as possible, because Brooke is scrambling his senses with her delicious fragrances, making it hard to think of anything but desire.

As the legal case heats up, so does their relationship. Logically, Brooke and Theo are all wrong for each other. So why do their hearts tell them it’s right?

The Scent of Happiness is the first in the Seven Senses. Set in a Midwest town, each book is a complete story featuring its own hero and heroine.

The Scent of Happiness is available in paperback and ebook at all retailers!

A composer who is losing his hearing. A singer who can’t find her voice. Can they risk losing their hearts?

All Emma Gibson wants is peace and harmony. After escaping her ex-husband and the chaos of the country music scene, she’s settled into a quiet life as a professional home organizer. The last thing she needs is attention from a musician in a career crisis.

Renowned classical composer Kendrick Bell doesn’t want to stop making music. But when he starts losing his hearing, he has no choice. An inherited house is the perfect place to recover his balance and bring his life back into tune.

When Kendrick hires Emma to organize his house, he’s immediately drawn to her, impressed with her skills and unbothered by her silences. Emma is captivated by his kindness, and the way his voice makes her toes tingle and her blood hum with a song she thought she’d lost forever.

Emma has sworn she’ll never get pulled back into the upheaval of a life in the arts, but Kendrick is desperate to restart his career. He’ll prove himself at any cost, even if it means losing Emma along the way.

Can two broken people risk it all to make beautiful music together?

The Sound of Harmony is the second in the Seven Senses romance series. It’s available in ebook and paperback at all retailers!

A mysterious photographer. The woman who sees right through him. Can he show her what’s in his heart?

Everyone wants to be an artist. Everyone but administrator Gwendolyn Gibson. She works in the art department of a small college, where she’s surrounded by artists who are flakes, artists who are irresponsible, and artists who are…gorgeous?

When photographer Shane Duval walks into her office and promptly takes a picture of her backside as she bends over a file cabinet, Gwendolyn is not impressed. But he’s the artist-in-residence, and she’s stuck with him for the semester. The students might be inspired by his sophistication and talent, but Gwendolyn knows better than to get involved with an artist, no matter how charming he is.

Shane isn’t happy with the situation either, but at least it’s temporary. He only needs to lay low in Ohio for a few months until trouble from his life in New York blows over. But there is something about Gwendolyn’s competence, her creativity, and her curves that Shane finds irresistible.

Falling in love is a complication neither of them needs. But when Midwest practicality meets New York ambition, the results are something neither of them could see coming.

Looking For You is the third in the Seven Senses romance series. It’s available in ebook and paperback at all retailers!

She’s hemp and granola. He’s fine linen and champagne. Are they cooking up a disaster? Or will it be delicious?

Flora Clarke loves cooking healthy food and sharing it with her catering clients. The work is hard, but she can almost taste success—until all her appliances break at once, forcing her to rent kitchen space at Pavilion, the fanciest restaurant in town. She finds the owner, Victor Belvedere, slick and shallow. She also finds him way too tempting.
Victor never wanted a crunchy granola flake in Pavilion’s kitchen, especially one like Flora, who constantly roasts his cooking methods, his ingredients, and his diet. But he’s got bills to pay, and Flora herself is making his mouth water.
When Flora and Victor team up to win a career-making gig, they’ll have to bring the best of their opposite cooking styles to the table. Nibbling at a partnership is one thing, but do they dare take a big bite of love?

The Taste of Dreams is the fourth in the Seven Senses romance series. It’s available in ebook and paperback at all retailers!

A woman who loves to fly.
A man who needs to stay grounded.
What will it take to bring their lives into balance?

Sadie Larsen is the girl who ran away to join the circus. Her trapeze act dazzled audiences, until a thirty-foot fall shattered her shoulder and landed her back in her hometown. Now she’s working for the Parks Department, where every hole she digs and every tree she plants reminds her that she’s stuck on the ground, when she should be soaring above it.
Forrest Clarke once lived the high life, but he’s given up parties and drugs. He’s found new purpose taking care of the public parks, finally feeling like he’s where he belongs.
When Sadie crashes into his life, Forrest is first annoyed by the tiny whirlwind, then charmed, and soon head over heels. But he’s done taking wild chances, and letting Sadie into his life is a risk he doesn’t dare take.
Sadie is desperate to get back to performing. Staying rooted in one place was never part of her plan, but Forrest’s pull is irresistible. As they grow closer, she finds that there are many ways to fall, and sometimes you have to open your heart and leap.

Love in the Balance is the fifth book in The Seven Senses romance series. It’s available in ebook and paperback at all retailers!

A woman frozen in place. A man with too much fire. Together? Steam.

They call him Zach the Sack. Cannondale’s hottest firefighter is known for his bravery on the job and his skill in bed. He enjoys his reputation as a player, indulging in affairs that catch fast and burn out faster. No woman can resist his charm—except Pippa Hayes.

Pippa always keeps her cool. Whether she’s caring for the residents of Saint Mary’s Retirement Village, training with her dad for his next wheelchair race, or dealing with her cold-blooded boss, nothing gets her flustered—except Zach Johnson.

The residents of Saint Mary’s keep tripping the smoke alarms, putting Zach in Pippa’s path again and again. They clash like fire and ice, and Pippa is determined to ignore the attraction simmering beneath their heated banter.

Turns out, it’s hard to ignore someone when you’re trapped in an elevator with him. Even harder to pretend that a scorching hot kiss didn’t just happen.

In the heat of the moment, Pippa and Zach agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement, convinced they can keep their emotions in check. But love, like fire, is unpredictable, and sometimes the flame that burns hottest is the one you least expect.

Playing with Fire is the sixth book in the Seven Senses romance series by Jordan Bloom. It’s available in ebook and paperback at all retailers!

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